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Recovery First Insurance
Specializing In Reposession Services

Since 1997, Recovery First Insurance has dedicated ourselves to  providing  unique  coverage  and  services  to  the  Repossession industry. We insure hundreds of Reposession companies throughout the country and we pride ourselves on being a knowledge provider to the Repossession community.

As founder of Recovery First Insurance, Jim Deason has over 35  years  of  insurance  experience,  with  15  of  those  years  specifically dedicated to Respossession insurance. He is a Certified  Insurance  Counselor  (CIC)  and  is  active  in  some  of  the largest Repossession associations, including Allied Finance Adjusters,  Time  Finance  Adjusters,  American  Recovery  Association, California Licensed Repossessors’ Association and RISC.

Repossession Coverages Include
  • Automobile Liability
  • General Liability
  • Drive Away
  • Garage Keepers
  • Cyber Liability
  • Wrongful Repossession
  • Hired & Non-­‐Owned Auto
  • Property
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
  • Umbrella
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